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Friday 12 March 2021 11:24am

Vicky Cameron imageProfessor Vicky Cameron.

Professor Vicky Cameron ran the Buller Half Marathon recently, coming second in the 65+ age group.

Vicky, who runs on the Port Hills, Christchurch, several times' a week was pleasantly surprised with the result. At 65, is there a secret to her success?

“I run twice a week for about 4–5 kms and once a week for up to 18 kms. I eat anything and have never been a gym person, always opting for exercise outside,” she said.

The benefits of exercise and being generally fit have been linked to increasing longevity, and certainly contributes to a healthy heart.

Vicky seems to provide evidence of that and also commented on the sociable aspect that getting into fitness can bring.

“Many organised events are very sociable. The Buller Half Marathon is a good example of that, involving the whole town of Westport with people on water stations and check points etc. I went with a group of friends who took part at whatever level suited them, whether running or walking. There's nothing quite like going out to dinner after a half marathon and celebrating our successes.”

A bus takes participants to the start of the run, half-way up the Buller Gorge.

“It's a wonderful event, in a beautiful location. The very scenic run down the Gorge into Westport is notable for weka on the side of the road above the Buller River. I highly recommend it!”

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