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Friday 25 October 2013 3:33pm

Maori and Mining coverCentre Director Janet Stephenson and Centre Kaiārahi Lyn Carter are two of the authors behind Māori and Mining, a publication aiming to highlight the issues and challenges of mining and its impact on Māori communities.
The book was written by researchers from the Divisions of Research and Enterprise, Science, Humanities and Commerce, and gives an overview of historical, physical, cultural, legal, economic and environmental aspects of mining in New Zealand, from a specifically Māori viewpoint.
“This publication is important for communities who are being faced with requests to explore for and extract mineral resources. There are no other resources like it out there and we hope it will help to simplify a complicated topic,” says Janet.
Māori and Mining will be launched on October 29 at the University of Otago, and a free electronic version will be available to download from 30th October.
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