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Sasigaran Moneyam, left, and Jason Cushen

CAPEU Executive Director Sasigaran Moneyam, left, and Te Whirika (International) Director Jason Cushen met last week to discuss the range of opportunities that will be available now Otago has joined CAPEU.

The University has taken an important step toward strengthening and building new relationships in the Asia-Pacific region.

Otago recently became the first New Zealand university to join the Consortium of Asia Pacific Education Universities (CAPEU) – a non-profit organisation currently made up of 24 higher-education institutions in Asia-Pacific countries.

Te Whirika (International) Director Jason Cushen says the new relationship aligns perfectly with the University’s goal to become more global and connected.

“Otago is now connected formally into a consortium of universities based in Southeast Asia. This is an important step in our efforts to broaden and deepen our international engagement.

“CAPEU is one of the newer consortiums, though growing in prestige. Membership will enable academic staff to better establish research and education relationships, and students to have mobility opportunities.”

CAPEU was formed in 2013 by universities from Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, and the Philippines, with the aim of providing a platform for member universities to collaborate in various aspects of academia, such as research, publication, sharing of best practices and professional development.

CAPEU also co-organises activities such as conferences and publications with member universities and earlier this year introduced its Signature Programs, which include: the CAPEU Executive Talk Series focussed on key education and leadership topics; CAPEU Aspire – an initiative designed to foster international collaboration through student and staff exchange and mobility; the CAPEU Sustainability Development Goals Forum; The CAPEU Sustainability Development Goals Creative Competition; the CAPEU-AURORA Global Buddies Jamboree 2024; and the CAPEU President’s Oratory Trophy – an annual event providing a platform for students to showcase their prowess in public speaking and debate.

CAPEU Executive Director Sasigaran Moneyam, who visited the University last week, says Otago’s participation will bring immense benefits to the consortium and will encourage other educational institutions to join the fast-growing consortium.

“Otago is the first university from out of the Southeast Asia region to join the CAPEU and we believe its involvement will offer numerous benefits to the member universities, especially in the sharing of best practices, research collaboration and so on.  Otago’s education expertise and reputation will allow CAPEU to progress further.”

He welcomes Otago staff and students to participate in all CAPEU activities and opportunities.

“The CAPEU Secretariat will announce and disseminate information on the activities and opportunities available and Otago can share information on their activities, which CAPEU will help to promote to member universities.”

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