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Group photo of young people in graduation regalia.

Graduands at the Biochemistry graduation event on Wednesday with Professor Peter Dearden (back row, third from left).

Congratulations to all students graduating this month, especially those who have been part of the Department of Biochemistry while studying for their degree. Tino pai rawa atu!

The Department had an informal graduation event on Wednesday morning for graduands and their friends and families. Large glass panelled doors between the tearoom and the old seminar room (now the George Petersen room) were opened up to provide a large area for everyone to gather in and enjoy each other’s company, as well as nibbles and sparkling wine. Many teaching and academic staff were able to attend and celebrate, dressed in academic regalia.

Head of Department Professor Peter Dearden spoke to those gathered, and presented graduands with flowers from the Department. After photos, the graduands and their families made their way outside to take more photos around campus. Some headed to the more formal graduation ceremony celebrations held that day, and others attended Saturday’s ceremony.

Biochemistry graduands December 2023


Faiza Arshad

Oluwatobi Eboda

Lamia Ismail

Marissa Le Lec

Timothy Millar


Megan Addison

Jeffery McAlpine

Catherine McKenzie

Eve Robson-Clark

Nikita Yevstigneyev

Yuta Ogawa (Plant Biotechnology)


Emma Lester (Molecular Basis of Health and Disease)

BSc (Hons)

Hunter Dickson

Storm Voyce-McCulloch


Narelle Alexander

Sean Cowper

Lily Griffiths

Michael Hawkins

Leesuk Kim

Abigail McCorkindale

Tira McLachlan

Chantelle Monteith

Jeremy Wapp

Jessica Willans

Charles Stairmand

Alexander Nash (Plant Biotechnology)

Lena Tamura Goodman (Plant Biotechnology)

Jordan Urwin-Thompson (Plant Biotechnology)


Sophie Dinwiddie

BBiomedSc (Hons) (Molecular Basis of Health and Disease)

Polina Shevchuk

Bochen Zhu

Sarah Wallace

Bertie Purkiss

Jasmine Curtis

Scarlett Neilson

Rose Harper

Emma Kloss

Ruby Gummer

BBiomedSc (Molecular Basis of Health and Disease)

Jack Carter

Kayla Coyne

Bonnie Huang

Annelies Orme

Zara Patterson


Caitlin Dawn-Sugrue


Kellan Taylor (Molecular Biotechnology)

Casey Thwaites (Molecular Biotechnology)

Sally McCormick, Lamia Ismail and Mik Black in graduation regalia.

From left: Professor Sally McCormick, PhD graduand Dr Lamia Ismail, and Professor Mik Black.

Sigurd Wilbanks taking a photo of Peter Mace, Sally McCormick, Steph Hughes and Oluwatobi Eboda.

From left: Associate Professor Sigurd Wilbanks (taking photo), Associate Professor Peter Mace, Professor Sally McCormick, Professor Steph Hughes, and PhD graduand Dr Oluwatobi Eboda.

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