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Pharmacy students with their white coats after completing the official induction ceremony. (Photographer – Alan Dove).

Future pharmacists were warmly inducted at the annual School of Pharmacy ‘White Coat Ceremony’.

Held on Saturday, 24 February at St David’s Lecture Theatre, the ceremony involves students being issued and donning their white pharmacist coat while reciting the Pharmacy Council Code of Ethics. A much-anticipated rite of passage for students after years of hard work.

This annual celebration includes second-year pharmacy students and International Medical University Malaysia students, who will be starting their third year of pharmacy studies at the University of Otago.

Prof Natalie Hughes profile
Professor Natalie Hughes addressing students at the Ceremony (Photographer – Alan Dove).

“It’s fantastic to see tauira celebrating this very special milestone in, not only their studies, but also their lives,” says Professor Natalie Hughes.

“We know that our ceremony is a very special event in the calendar of our pharmacy students and is one they look back on with the same fondness as their graduation day.

“The School of Pharmacy looks forward to seeing how they progress in their studies over the next few years, as well as how their careers develop into the future as they go on to support Aotearoa’s health system.”

Micheal Pead, Chief Executive of the New Zealand Pharmacy Council, spoke at the event and recited the code alongside the students.

Also, in attendance was honorary white coat recipient Dr Leanne Te Karu who spoke at the event, Acting Vice-Chancellor Helen Nicholson, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the Division of Health Sciences Professor Neil Gemmell, President of the New Zealand Hospital Pharmacy Association Clare Greasley, and many other significant members of the pharmacy community.

Thank you to the staff and guests who donned the white coats:

  • Andi Shirtcliffe – Chief Adviser (Pharmacy) at the Ministry of Health.
  • Chin Loh – Founder, Director and Pharmacist at Meridian Antidote.
  • Loren Vincent – Clinical Chief Advisor in the Community, Clinical and Mental Health Directorate, Ministry of Health.
  • Dr Lisa Kremer – Associate Dean Māori and Lecturer in the School of Pharmacy.
  • Emma Smith – Senior Professional Practice Fellow in the School of Pharmacy.

- Kōrero by the Division of Health Sciences Communications Adviser, Kelsey Schutte.

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    Students reciting the Pharmacy Council Code of Ethics after being presented their white coats (Photographer – Alan Dove).

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    Students celebrating receiving their coats after the ceremony (Photographer – Alan Dove).

  • Pharmacy

    International Medical University Malaysia students who will be starting their third year of pharmaceutical studies at the University of Otago. (Photographer – Alan Dove).

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