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Tuesday 6 December 2022 10:30am

The 13th Bioengineering Showcase was held over the 24th & 25th of November 2022 on the Dunedin campus with over 60 attendees, physically at Dunedin, and virtually in Zoom. The Showcase was funded by Bioengineering@Otago and generously sponsored by the CDM/TTM MedTech Research Network.

1st Place: Lousie Croizat-Viallet (middle)
Pharmacology and Toxicology - UOD
"Understanding the role of subcutaneous adipose tissue extracellular matrix in wound healing complications following caesarean deliveries"

2nd Place: Hayley Stent (left)
Pharmacology and Toxicology - UOD
"Characterisation of hydrogels produced through self-assembly of Australasian snapper (Chrysophrys auratus) and Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) skin collage"

3rd Place: Axel Norberg (right)
CReaTE Orthopaedics - UOC
"Incorporation of oxygen carrying Haemoglobin within Heparin-laden microspheres for bioassembly"

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