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OMNI's confocal and electron microscopy facilities are located in the basement of the Lindo Ferguson building (shown in red), which is opposite the Dunedin Public Hospital, on Great King Street.

University of Otago south campus map

Lindo Ferguson main entrance
Main entrance of the Lindo Ferguson building.

Go up the steps and through the main door of the Lindo Ferguson building into the foyer.

Stairwell leading to the basementStairwell towards the right.

Towards the right there are stairs going down to the basement. There is a sign on the stairwell wall saying 'Electron Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy, EM Tech Unit'. At the bottom of the stairs turn left into the hallway to find signs for the various specialties' rooms.

If you have swipecard access you can enter from the carpark area. You walk down the alley between the Lindo Ferguson building and the Sayers Building (Medical Library), and turn left.

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