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The Otago Medical School Research Society aims at  fostering and promoting health-related research at the University of Otago.

OMSRS Meeting Identifier (Research Staff Speaker Awards)252nd Scientific Meeting:

MSc/Hons Student Speaker Prize 2019

Wednesday 9th November, 5pm

Barnett Lecture Theatre, Dunedin Hospital.

The Society was established in 1928 and hosts six meetings per year: three of which consist of presentations from postgraduate students in competition for prize money; a presentation from an invited speaker of national or international standing; and two meetings for research staff focusing on biomedical and clinical research, respectively.

The Society holds its annual general meeting every November.

OMSRS Writing Prize 2019

Our annual writing prize is now open! We want you, in no more than 800 words, to tell us why your research matters in a way that would interest a non-scientific audience. Tell us
about your reserach and why it is important. Why does it interest you? Why should it interest the reader?

Entries close 5pm Thursday 26th September.

For more information:

2019 Writing Prize Poster 2019 Writing Prize Guidelines Writing Tips 2019 

We gratefully acknowledge support from the Otago Daily Times and Kainic Medical Communications for this competition.

250th Scientific Meeting: A Celebration of Health-Related Research at the University of Otago

Two returning winners of the PhD prize spoke about their careers and scientific discoveries since leaving Otago. Dr Verity Todd, Clinical Research Fellow, St John, Auckland and Dr Stephanie Sonnberg, Senior Scientist, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA, USA

OMSRS Research Staff Meeting 2019

OMSRS Research Staff 2019Congratulations to the winner of the OMSRS Research Staff Meeting (24th July 2019), Dr Indranil Basak from the Department of Biochemistry for his presentation "Characterisation of CLN5 Batten disease in induced pluripotent stem cell derived human neurons".

We gratefully acknowledge support of the Otago Postgraduate Medical Society for sponsoring this prize.

Pictured is Dr Basak receiving his prize from OMSRS President Dr Sarah Baird.

OMSRS Summer Student Speaker Prize 2019

Congratulations to the winner of the Pat Cragg Summer Student Speaker Prize, Oscar German, from the Department of Biochemistry, for his presentation "Investigation of the mechanism of aspirin action in combined breast cancer therapy".

In joint second place were Helene Chua (‎Department of Oral Rehabilitation; "The cooling efficiency of different dental high-speed handpiece coolant port designs") and Eleni Hackwell (Department of Anatomy; "Prolactin action on kisspeptin neurons is required for maintaining lactational infertility").

We are grateful to the Otago Medical Research Foundation for sponsoring these prizes.

Invited Speaker Meeting 2018

On Wednesday 5th December, we heard a very interesting talk from a new appointment at the University of Otago, Professor Michelle Glass, Head of Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Michelle shared her insights into a current issue greatly impacting New Zealand Society in a talk entitled "The scourge that is Synthetic Cannabinoids".

OMSRS MSc / Honours Student Speaker Prize 2018



Congratulations to the joint winners of the OMSRS 2018 MSc / Honours Student Speaker Prize. The winners of this competition were Grace Macaulay from the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health (supervisor Associate Professor Ben Wheeler) for her presentation “Sleep in children and adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus” and Adam Chau from the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology (supervisor Professor Ivan Sammut) for his presentation “Attenuation of ischaemia reperfusion injury in hypertrophic hearts with oCOm-21: a potential inotrope through the modulation of calcium”.

Pictured are Grace Macaulay (left photo) and Adam Chau (right photo) with OMSRS President Dr Lyn Wise.

OMSRS PhD Student Speaker Prize 2018

OMSRS PhD 2018 runnerupOMSRS PhD 2018 winnerCongratulations to the winner of the OMSRS 2018 PhD Student Speaker Prize Brin Ryder from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology (supervisor Dr Jo Kirman) for his presentation “Immunisation with BCG alters lung phagocyte dynamics during early mycobacterial infection of mice.” Runner-up was Serada Ketharnathan from the Department of Pathology (supervisor Associate Professor Julia Horsfield) for her presentation “A non-coding genetic variant maximally associated with serum urate levels is functionally linked to HNF4A-dependent PDZK1 expression”.

Pictured are Brin Ryder and Serada Ketharnathan with Dr Lyn Wise.

We kindly thank our sponsors of these prizes, the Otago Postgraduate Medical Society and the Otago Medical Research Foundation.

OMSRS Science Writing Prize 2018

Congratulations to PhD student Sarah Donald, from the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, for her winning entry "Treating for two - exploring the use and safety of medicines in pregnancy". This was recently published in the Otago Daily Times (3rd September 2018). Runner-up was PhD student Sarah Rhodes, from the School of Physiotherapy, for her entry "Physical Activity in Obstructive Sleep Apnoea: If it were easy, everybody would be doing it". Highly commended went to PhD student Jessica Young, from the Department of General Practice and Rural Health, for her entry "Is there a right time to die?".

We gratefully acknowledge support from the Otago Daily Times and Kainic Medical Communications for this competition.