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Tuesday 3 February 2015 8:47pm

Clocktower image smallFifteen leading University of Otago academics have kicked off the new year with promotions to full professorships.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Harlene Hayne warmly congratulated the new professors on their well-earned promotions which took effect from 1 February.

“The success of these candidates is a reflection of their proven records of excellence not just in terms of their fields of research but also as leaders in teaching and service to the University and community.”

To ensure the world class calibre of the candidates' research contributions, Otago requires candidates to undergo a rigorous selection process that includes advice from international experts.

Otago's new professors are:

Lutz Beckert (Medicine, Christchurch)
David Bryant (Mathematics and Statistics)
Lisette Burrows (Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences)
Warwick Duncan (Oral Sciences)
Christopher Frampton (Medicine, Christchurch)
Richard Gearry (Medicine, Christchurch)
Leigh Hale (Physiotherapy)
David Hutchinson (Physics)
David Larsen (Chemistry)
Rhonda Rosengren (Pharmacology and Toxicology)
Katherine Scott (Psychological Medicine)
Geoffrey Shaw (Anaesthesia)
Takashi Shogimen (History and Art History)
Elisabeth Slooten (Zoology)
Stuart Young (Theatre Studies Programme, Music)

A further 39 University of Otago academics were promoted to Associate Professor level:

Peter Adams (Music)
Lubica Benuskova (Computer Science)
Stephen Bunn (Anatomy)
David Burritt (Botany)
Tania Cassidy (School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences)
Tim Cooper (Theology and Religion)
James Crowley (Chemistry)
Jeremiah Deng (Information Science)
David Everett (Food Sciences)
Peter Fineran (Microbiology and Immunology)
Rogelio Guedea (Languages and Cultures)
John Harraway (Mathematics and Statistics)
Patries Herst (Radiation Therapy, Wellington)
Julia Horsfield (Pathology)
Keith Ireton (Microbiology and Immunology)
Christine Jasoni (Anatomy)
Gill Johnson (Physiotherapy)
Taneli Kukkonen (Theology and Religion)
Miles Lamare (Marine Science)
Jonathan Leichter (Oral Sciences)
Ping Liu (Anatomy)
Brian Monk (Oral Sciences)
Jessica Palmer (Law)
Suetonia Palmer (Medicine, Christchurch)
Suzanne Pitama (Dean's Department, Christchurch)
Ivan Sammut (Pharmacology and Toxicology)
Tai Sopoaga (Preventive and Social Medicine)
Simon Stebbings (Medicine)
Yolanda van Heezik (Zoology)
Paola Voci (Languages and Cultures)
Neil Waddell (Oral Rehabilitation)
Pat Wheatley (Classics)
Nicola Wheen (Law)
Ben Wooliscroft (Marketing)

Promoted to Research Associate Professor:

Nigel Anderson (Radiology, Christchurch)
Gabriele Dachs (Pathology, Christchurch)

Promoted to Clinical Associate Professor:

Jeremy Krebs (Medicine, Wellington)
Konrad Richter (Surgical Sciences)
Catherine Stedman (Medicine, Christchurch)

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