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Friday 25 October 2013 8:06am

Associate Professor Colin Gavaghan.

Late last year, the University formally recognised 14 Research Centres. Designation as a Research Centre signals the excellence and coherence of the research group's endeavours. Continuing our Research Centre Series, the Bulletin takes a look at the Centre for Society, Governance & Science.

Situated in the Faculty of Law, the Centre for Society, Governance & Science (SoGoS) promotes and undertakes research on the challenges of integrating medical and scientific advancements with society in the face of changing approaches being used to govern citizens and institutions, as well as their rights, relationships and responsibilities.

Professor Mark Henaghan.

Under the direction of Associate Professor Colin Gavaghan and Professor Mark Henaghan, SoGoS aims to be an internationally renowned multidisciplinary research centre or 'think tank' that undertakes research and policy development work for governments, professional bodies and NGOs.

The Centre builds on the work, experiences and successes of collaborations with multidisciplinary and indigenous researchers, trans-Tasman experts and international networks developed from the five-year multidisciplinary New Zealand Law Foundation-sponsored Human Genome Research Project led by Otago's Faculty of Law.

Currently the centre is carrying out research into the legal and ethical framework of acquisition, storage and use of human tissue in New Zealand. This multidisciplinary research involves scientists and researchers from a variety of diverse backgrounds, including law, biochemistry, anatomy, and medicine.

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