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Friday 11 October 2013 8:06am

CSAFE staff and students.

Late last year, the University formally recognised 14 Research Centres. Designation as a Research Centre signals the excellence and coherence of the research group's endeavours. Continuing our Research Centre Series, the Bulletin takes a look at the Centre for Sustainability.

The Centre for Sustainability is an interdisciplinary research centre working on local and global sustainability challenges in agriculture, food, energy and environment.

Our current projects:

Energy Cultures is improving the energy efficiency of New Zealand's transport, businesses and households through developing tools to assist households and businesses to change their 'energy cultures'. Principal Investigator: Dr Janet Stephenson

Agricultural Intensification and Climate Change is developing recommendations for agricultural intensification practices in the meat and dairy sectors which are consistent with mitigation of, and adaptation to, climate change. Principal Investigator: Dr Chris Rosin

Indigenous Agroecology is developing a low-input farming model underpinned by both indigenous and scientific knowledge to improve the health of stock, soil and water, increase biodiversity, and increase resilience of farmers and their communities. Principal Investigator: Dr Marion Johnson

Whakataukī and conservation of biodiversity aims to uncover past relationships that Māori have with the environment through an interdisciplinary study of whakataukī (Māori ancestral sayings). Principal Investigator: Dr Cilla Wehi

Sustainability Dashboard is developing indicators for the primary sector which display production, economic, social and environmental performance. Principal Investigator for CSAFE: Professor Henrik Moller

Green Grid is investigating and modelling trends in renewable electricity generation and household demand, to ensure that New Zealanders have access to reliable, safe and affordable renewable energy. Principal Investigator for CSAFE: Dr Rebecca Ford

Resilience and Communities is examining the basis of community resilience including the roles of individuals, families, community organisations, welfare agencies, media and other groups. Principal Investigator for CSAFE: Dr Ann Pomeroy

To learn more about the different areas of research at the Centre for Sustainability, visit

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