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Science Academy (OUASSA) – Current cohort

OUASSA 2020 Group image
OUASSA 2020 Group photo.

Our 2020 cohort comprises 51 potentially high-achieving Year 13 Science students from 42 schools across New Zealand, with a focus on rural/provincial, small and lower decile schools. The students will attend two 1-week science camps, (January and July) and between January and July work in teams on a science communication project that involves preparing a short film, podcast, public talk, museum display talk that will be showcased to a public audience at the end of the July camp.

January 2020 Summer camp

Our 2020 Summer camp ran from 19–25 January with the usual packed programme of morning seminars, two-day projects, short electives, science communication workshops and free-time options.

Once again feedback from our end-of-week surveys was hearteningly positive, as exemplified by these students’ feedback typical of the cohort overall.

“I really liked the freedom we had with our experiments. The teachers allowed us to have fun and trusted us which made it so much better.”

“I liked that we got to actually see and experience the way the university works and what the subject that we chose are really about. But it was also in an interesting way that show us in such a short space of time some of the many possibilities that the given field can lead into.”

“I really enjoyed that it was challenging and pushed me to understand new concepts in a practical manner.”

“Thank you so much for this opportunity, it changed my mind about so much and I learned a lot.”

“The teachers were very enthusiastic and tried their best to help us understand difficult conceptions.”

“This whole trip has been the best experience of my life! I don’t know how it could get any better.”

Teacher development

Science Academy (OUASSA) is unique also in that we also provide Teacher Professional Development.

Two 4-day workshops are also held during the students’ camp week.

Nine teachers from our participating schools took part in our Summer workshop

Teacher workshops