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Sofia Kalogeropoulou profile photo

Teaching Fellow in Dance
BPerfArts(Auckland) MDanceSt(Otago)

Tel +64 3 479 8891

Research Expertise

  • Dance, culture and national identity
  • Dance and gender
  • Choreographic composition
  • Performance
  • Contemporary dance and ballet techniques and repertoire
  • Dance in popular culture
  • Somatic practices

Sofia has graduated with a Masters of Dance Studies from the University of Otago and holds a Bachelor in Performing Arts with a major in dance from the University of Auckland. A certified member of the Royal Academy of Dance she has taught ballet in professional and community institutions in Greece, London UK and New Zealand. She is a graduate of the City Ballet Foundation in Auckland where she was mentored by Timothy Gordon in Contemporary Ballet and Alexander Technique, Juliet Fisher in Graham Technique and Mary Jane O'Reilly in Limbs Repertoire. Sofia was a principal dancer with Company Z in Auckland and now is a freelance choreographer.

Her research focuses on dance, culture and national identity, and dance and gender. She also explores the relationship between dance and somatic practices, in particular ballet and Alexander Technique.

Performance Credits

Dancer in the following productions:

  • Dances about Love, Pretty Gay Productions, Playhouse Theatre, Dunedin (Nov 2011).
  • Ocean Wave by Lyne Pringle, Caroline Plummer Community Dance Fellow, Dunedin (Sept 2011).
  • House of Memories by Suzanne Cowan, Caroline Plummer Community Dance Fellow, Dunedin (July 2010).
  • Cell, Dance Lab, Dunedin Fringe Festival (Mar 2010).
  • Tertiary Colours, Dance Lab, Tempo Dance Festival, Auckland (Oct 2008).
  • Crossing Borders, Dance Lab, Fringe Festival, Dunedin (April 2008).
  • Alana Haines Fundraising Gala, Auckland (May 2007).
  • Peter and the Wolf, Mass, Fragments, and KROOF (chor. Timothy Gordon) and Love Song (chor. Mary-Jane O'Reilly), Tempo Dance Festival, Auckland (Oct 2006).
  • Blue Tango (chor. Timothy Gordon), Littleweed Festival, Kati Kati (Mar 2006).
  • TVNZ Halberg Sports Awards, Manukau (Feb 2006).
  • Star Jam Stage Show, Fundraising Gala, Manukau (May 2005).
  • Limbs Re-booted, Littleweed Festival, Kati Kati (Feb 2005).
  • Gravitations (chor. Timothy Gordon) and Ironsand, Reptile, Talking Heads, St. Matthews Passion (chor. Mary-Jane O'Reilly), University of Auckland (Nov 2004).
  • St. Matthews Passion (chor. Mary-Jane O'Reilly), Trinity Cathedral, Auckland (Apr 2003).
  • Spartacus (chor. Mary-Jane O'Reilly) with the Auckland Dance Company, Trinity Cathedral, Auckland (Dec 2002).


Current students

Wallace Kelsi, studying towards a Master of Science (MSci), Landing Biomechanics in Competitive Irish Dance, co-supervision with Dr Peter Lamb.


Kalogeropoulou, S., & Parkins-Craig, M. (2024, February). TwentyNineteen: An interplay of performance, care and emotion in the creative process. Verbal presentation at the Performance of the Real Research Theme Interdisciplinary Conference: Performing Care and Carelessness, Dunedin, New Zealand.

du Plessis, H. (cello), Roberts, M. (lighting designer), Holland, M. (sound engineer), Petersen, T. (violin), & Kalogeropoulou, S. (choreographer) (2023, 18-19 March). TwentyNineteen, at the Dunedin Fringe Festival, and composed by Maddy Parkins-Craig, Te Korokoro o Te Tūī, Dunedin, New Zealand. [Performance].

Cattermole, J., Halba, H., Kalogeropoulou, S., Roberts, M., & Wardell, S. (2022). Cartographies of a future. Dunedin Fringe Festival, Allen Hall Theatre, Dunedin, New Zealand. [Performance Installation].

Wardell, S. (poet), & Kalogeropoulou, S. (dancer) (2022, October). The air we breathe, the air we fear, Life's a Gas: Art+Science Exhibition (AIR), Dunedin Community Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand. [Performance].

Wallace, K., Kalogeropoulou, S., & Lamb, P. (2021). The time-continuous association between turnout and axial joint moments in the competitive Irish dance ‘fly’ landing. Sports Biomechanics. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1080/14763141.2021.2016927

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