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Research overview

The Giles Group is investigating biological reduction and oxidation (REDOX) reactions, a wide-ranging field that encompasses energy metabolism, signal transduction pathways, enzyme function and the chemical defence mechanism of the body's immune system. Each cell in the body has to sustain a reducing environment for normal physiological function. This is achieved by maintaining an antioxidant defence network which utilises enzymes, vitamins and cellular reductants. If this defence is breached then oxidative damage can occur throughout the cell, resulting in impaired function and ultimately cell death. This event, termed oxidative stress, is implicated in the pathologies of many diseases including cancer, aging, diabetes, cardiovascular dysfunction and dementia. We are actively involved in drug discovery projects which look at new ways to protect cells from oxidative damage and so provide urgently needed therapies for clinical use.

Current students

PhD Students

  • Houman Alimoradi
  • Jackmil Jogy


Former students

PhD Students

MSc Students

BSc (Hons)

  • Samantha McNeill (2013)
    • The Potential Use of Palladium Metallosupramolecular Complexes as Novel Treatments for Cancer
  • Lara Jupp (2011)
    • Organoselenium Agents as Novel Treatments for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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