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Friday 4 August 2017 9:18pm

Hannah Soper from Christchurch Hospital Pharmacy, accepts the inaugural 2016 Hospital Preceptor of the Year award at the School of Pharmacy's Green Cross Health Award Ceremony. Here is what she has to say.

How long have you been a preceptor for the School of Pharmacy, University of Otago? Moreover, what made you want to become a preceptor?
At the end of 2012 / beginning 2013 the role of preceptor to the University of Otago Pharmacy students came up for grabs at CDHB. A colleague and I put our hands up to help out with the programme as a joint venture for a year or two (at least that was the plan).And here we are in 2017, with a change in co-pilot (due to maternity leave), still going strong.

The reason I decided to put my hand up as a preceptor was based on my own experience during my hospital placement at Southland Hospital in 2009. I had an awesome preceptor and had an amazing time on my hospital placement. I guess I wanted to give back and make others Hospital Placement as epic as mine was.

What are your main goals when receiving a new student? What do you hope they will achieve?

First and foremost, I want to make them feel welcome. Its daunting coming to work somewhere new, in an environment that is totally foreign to you. It certainly helped me in my externship feeling welcome and like I was part of the team.
In terms of what I hope the students achieve, I guess the main thing is getting them to see how awesome Hospital Pharmacy can be and that it's not just for those who are 'brainy' / A grade students.

What advice can you offer other preceptors when training students?
The most important thing is to remember that we were all students once. We have all been in their shoes and we need to remember what that felt like!

What are some of the highlights from training our students?

• Seeing them feel confident in answering your questions (when they've done the reading you've given them).
• Hearing that they've put their CV in when we advertise for Intern positions
• Having them calculate out a gentamicin by hand and then tell you what they think should be done about the result (nerdy I know).
• Seeing them hold their own on consultant lead ward rounds, when they have the opportunity to attend them.

How important do you see your role as a preceptor?
It's equally as important as my ward / clinical role. Teaching the next generation paves the way for the future.
'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world'.
Nelson Mandela.

Is there anything the School can do to support your role better?
The University of Otago do an excellent job of organising their students and making contact with the Hospitals in a timely fashion to arrange placement for their students. I think they do a top job and there isn't anything I think they could do better.

You have been voted one of our best preceptors for 2016, how does that feel?
I'm really stoked and humbled to have been nominated. Preceptorship is really a team effort at CDHB (or anywhere). I have an awesome co-pilot, Ash Kortegast (and previously Kate Walker) and an awesome department that all help out with buddying the externs. Without their help and support, the programme here wouldn't be what it is.

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