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Friday, 25 May 2018

Debora with family 650px

Debora Maea graduated with a Bachelor of Science on Saturday 12 May 2018, continuing her study of medicines as a second year student at the School of Pharmacy.

Debora's nana first introduced her to the world of pharmacy when she contacted the local pharmacy in the Cook Islands to help find her a summer job. Debora worked with a pharmacist there, who recognised her interest in medicine.

“She taught me to read prescriptions and dispense medicines,” says Debora, “always checking what I had done, of course.”

“Now I am studying Pharmacy, everything I was doing in the pharmacy is making sense”.

There are a number of ways you can enter into your undergraduate degree at the School of Pharmacy, such as; the University of Otago Health Sciences First Year category, two or more years of University Study category, the graduate category and the alternative category.

Please visit the Division of Health Sciences website for more information.

Article written for the School of Pharmacy newsletter, Volume 3 Issue 1.

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