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otago610437Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Professor Carlo Marra.

The Otago School of Pharmacy is the oldest in the country and prides itself on achieving excellence in pharmaceutical care. We aim for excellence in research and research informed teaching in pharmaceutical sciences, clinical pharmacy and social pharmacy.

The School of Pharmacy offers a four-year undergraduate Bachelor of Pharmacy degree as well as various postgraduate clinical and social pharmacy qualifications and research degrees such as PhDs. The undergraduate degree enrols students from all regions of New Zealand and also offers a number of international places.

There is so much more to pharmacy than dispensing medicines. An Otago pharmacy degree is a passport to the world; from primary health care to clinical hospital roles, aid work, border control and community practice. Opportunities in medicines regulation and prescribing are also available. The career of a modern day Pharmacist is rapidly evolving, and is always varied, dynamic and challenging.

Pharmacists play an important part in the health workforce in providing access to medicines, optimising use of medicines and ensuring quality of medicines is consistently high. It is a skilled and important profession and Otago pharmacy graduates credit their degree with developing strong practical and analytical skills which have formed the backbone of their professional lives.

Please do not hesitate to contact the School if you have any enquiries about our undergraduate degree, postgraduate professional qualifications, research degrees, research collaborations or any general enquiries.

Professor Carlo Marra

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