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Professional Practice Fellow
BScPharm ACPR PharmD
Pharmacy practice skills
Primary care, medicines during pregnancy and breastfeeding


Reddy, M., Davidson, J., Dillon, C., & Wilby, K. J. (2021). Competency assessors’ cognitive map of practice when assessing practice based encounters. Pharmacy Education, 21(1), 443-448. doi: 10.46542/pe.2021.211.443448 Journal - Research Article

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Bishop, L., Young, S., Twells, L., Dillon, C., & Hawboldt, J. (2015). Patients' and physicians' satisfaction with a pharmacist managed anticoagulation program in a family medicine clinic. BMC Research Notes, 8, 233. doi: 10.1186/s13104-015-1187-8 Journal - Research Article

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