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WCPT 2015 - Focused symposia on Amputee rehabilitation

Monday 4 May 2015

CHARR researcher, Associate Professor Gill Johnson, will lead a focused symposia on Amputee rehabilitation: integrating evidence into lower limb prosethic rehabilitation in today's world.

For further details see: this link to WCPT amputee symposia

2015 Symposium on support workers and caregivers

Support workers and caregivers are critical to support people with cognitive decline in accessing health services and facilitating the uptake of interventions.

Research week 2015 - Manual Therapy influences on the Autonomic Nervous System Symposium

This session looked at the neurophysiological and neuroendocrine mechanisms of manual therapy and the possible application of such interventions.

Dr Steve Tumilty (School of Physiotherapy)
Tendinopathy Non-Mechanical Effects of Manual Therapy

Dr Karl Iremonger (Dept of Physiology)
Hypothalamic circuits controlling stress

Kesava Sampath (Phd candidate, School of Physiotherapy)
Neurophysiological and Neuroendocrine changes after Manipulation of the Thoracic Spine

Angela Spontelli-Gisselman (PhD candidate, School of Physiotherapy)
Measuring Heart Rate Variability in Elite Athletes


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