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The aim of this programme of research is to support people living with Parkinson's Disease to live well. A particular strand of this programme is in the role of Physiotherapists as part of this.

Our research

Current Studies

Currently recruiting:

Do you have Parkinsons disease or a related condition? This study explores the day-to-day influence of non-motor symptoms (e.g., sleep, fatigue, mood, pain, cognition) on physical activity behaviours. For information about this study see our dedicated study link.

Honour's research 2023

  • "Online resources for self-management in Parkinson's Disease" Pamela Currie

Previous studies

Honour's research : All studies are Primarily Supervised by Dr Prasath Jayakaran.

  • "Understanding issues with evidence-based clinical practice in rehabilitation of individuals with Parkinson's disease – A cross-sectional survey of physiotherapists" Rebekah Hartley
  • "Strategies to facilitate gait in Parkinson's disease – A qualitative study of Physiotherapists in New Zealand" Nathan Scott
  • "Influence of non-motor symptoms on physical function in Parkinson's disease – A qualitative study" Cherie Leung
  • "Depression, anxiety, and Parkinson's disease" Amanda Still

Still, A., Hale, L., Swain, N., & Jayakaran, P. (2021). Self-reported depression and anxiety are correlated with functional disability in Parkinson's disease. New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy, 49(1), 40-49. doi: 10.15619/NZJP/49.1.06


Project lead: Dr Prasath Jayakaran

Interested in studying with us?

Seeking PhD and Master's candidates for projects related to Exercise in individuals with Parkinson's disease. See more about the opportunity and how to contact us.

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