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Lady sitting on couch holding her shoulder imageIn the Otago Shoulder Health Study, we want to find out whether adding manual therapy to best-practice physiotherapy care provides additional benefits for people with persistent shoulder pain.

What's involved in the study?

Best physiotherapy practice for shoulder pain includes exercises, physical activity and support to help manage the pain. Manual therapy ('hands on' treatment) may also be used.

We are looking for people aged 35 years and older who have had shoulder pain for at least three months.

Participants will be offered up to 8 physiotherapy sessions at the School of Physiotherapy Clinic in Dunedin or in Christchurch. All participants will receive physiotherapy care that has been shown to benefit people with long-term shoulder pain.

Read more are information sheet if you would like to know more about the study.

Am I eligible to participate?

Complete this short questionnaire to find out if you are eligible to take part, and to let us know if you'd like us to contact you:

Please find the full participant information sheet and consent form below.

Participant information sheet (PDF)

Contact for more information

Christina Douglas
Email –
Ph – 021 279 0668

This study has been reviewed and approved by the Health and Disability Ethics Committee (HDEC) Reference: 2022 FULL 13022.

It is funded by a Stanley Paris Fellowship Award. The primary investigator of this study is Professor Gisela Sole.

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