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PhD candidate

Danella Glass imageThesis Topic: Rival Transnational Normative Networks and their influence on Sexual and Reproductive Normative Institutionalisation and Habitualisation in Uganda.

Qualifications: BA Hons (Second Class, First Division) - History, MIR (Distinction)

Supervisors: Dr Lena Tan and Professor Janine Hayward


This research project will address the concept of rival transnational normative networks and the impact that they have on strengthening their norm within a domestic context. Undertaking this research within the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights, this research will analyse the influence of each respective transnational normative network upon Uganda, both in terms of institutionalisation and habitualisation.

The scale of the contestation between these rival transnational normative networks will be examined in order to ascertain their impact on domestic legislation and the sexual and reproductive behaviour of the Ugandan people. The research will first address the pathways of diffusion that have led to contestation and then how effective these pathways have been upon the scale of contestation. Finally, the research will address how the scale of contestation has affected outcomes.

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