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David Jenkins imageDavid Jenkins is a lecturer in political theory. He was previously a postdoctoral researcher in the philosophy department at the University of Warwick (2017–2020), and before that was a Teaching Fellow at UCL (2016–2017).

In 2015 he was the Krzysztof Michalski Junior Fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna. Before becoming pursuing a career in academia David worked in London, UK as a civil servant in housing.

He has published on the work of James Baldwin and Jose Saramago, issues of solidarity within both ideal and non-ideal theory, the limits of the value of reciprocity, aesthetics in urban environments, as well as a number of papers on unconditional basic income.

His current work focuses on sociality within urban experiences, the concept of partisanship (with an emphasis on the Communist Party India (Marxist) in Kerala) and homelessness and housing rights. He is currently co-editing a book on social rights (with Kimberley Brownlee and Adam Neal) that is due out from Oxford University Press next year.

He has supervised Bachelors and Masters dissertations on a wide range of topics including unconditional basic income, religious toleration, Marxism and immigration. His teaching interests traverse both contemporary political theory and the history of modern political thought, and he is happy to supervise students in subjects related to either of these fields.

He particularly welcomes dissertations on themes of housing, political parties and unconditional basic income.


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