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Friday 7 March 2014 8:52am

The Blog-With-No-Name provides a forum to share the ups and downs of the thesis journey.

Sharing information and insights about the thesis journey is the aim of a new Otago blog.

The Blog-With-No-Name Blog is being coordinated by the Graduate Research School with a stated mission of sharing “the ups and downs and the ins and outs of writing a thesis”.

Created in September, the blog has already covered the history of the Chocolate Fish which is presented to successful PhD candidates submitting their thesis for examination; how research is actually creative even when it doesn't seem like it; as well as the positive experiences of a PhD candidate with three supervisors.

Graduate Research School Manager Claire Gallop says the School wants to reach the graduate research community far and wide and the blog is an additional tool to do that, along with the School's popular Facebook page.

The blog will feature posts from the School's staff, but also welcomes contributors from across the University.

So far the blog is nameless, but there's a supermarket voucher and chocolate fish on the line for anyone coming up with a better suggestion, she adds.

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