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The secrets of PhD success

Check out the diverse stories of various Otago PhD candidates in Journeys of Discovery, a collection of profiles of recent candidates and their research.

Doctoral and Scholarships Office Group Leader Chris Stoddart says the idea behind the booklet was that the best information about how to successfully navigate a PhD was already out there amongst successful graduates.

"We wanted to capture what is common to PhD success, but also the variety of different approaches," he says. "The booklet shows there is more than one way to tackle a PhD. We also wanted to be honest about the challenges that PhD candidates face; it can help to see that you can make it through these, and still come out the other side with a successful thesis and a functioning personality."

The graduates profiled come from a variety of disciplines including Zoology, Information Science, Classics, Pharmacology, Psychology, Marketing and Mathematics and Statistics.

For a copy of Journeys of Discovery:

Download a copy of Journeys of Discovery (2.2 MB in PDF format)

or contact:

Susan Craig
Graduate Research Services

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