Friday 11 March 2016 2:30pm

Dr Roslyn Kemp, Supervisor of the Year

Dr Roslyn Kemp, a lecturer and supervisor in the Microbiology and Immunology department, was recently announced as Otago's Supervisor of the Year.

Described by her candidates as going “above and beyond what is expected of any supervisor”, Dr Kemp headed an impressive list of winners at OUSA's annual Supervisors of the Year awards.

The New Supervisor of the Year award was presented to Associate Professor Jacinta Ruru, from the Faculty of Law, whose students described her as “consistently caring, flexible, thoughtful, wise and generous in her advice”.

A special, posthumous commemoration was announced for Dr Tamar Murachver, of the Psychology Department, who passed away at the beginning of this year.

Other winners announced were: Health Sciences Supervisor: Professor Stephen Duffull from the School of Pharmacy; Sciences Supervisor: Professor Jörg Frauendiener from Mathematics and Statistics; Commerce Supervisor: Associate Professor Holger Regenbrecht from Information Science; and Humanities Supervisor: Dr. Chris Rosin from Centre for Sustainability.

The awards are part of Graduate Research Month, held annually in August at Otago.

OUSA president Francisco Hernandez says the awards “recognise the supervisors that go above and beyond for their students during their post graduate study”.
“Supervisors are key to the process of researching, guiding, proofing and submitting a student's thesis.”

The supervisors are nominated and voted for by students, and each year OUSA receives hundreds of nominations for supervisors which is tribute to the University of Otago staff.

“These award recipients represent the supervisors who stand out and help students not only in their study but assist students in the directions their lives take after studying.”

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