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An e-newsletter for those considering postgraduate study at Otago

Issue 3

  • Forensics first for Masters student
    When Masters student Gemma Radford was offered the chance to build a model of cranial back-spatter, wild horses probably couldn't have kept her from turning it down.
  • Marine scientist migrates to Chemistry
    Since winning the MacDiarmid Young Scientist of the Year award in 2008 Dr Rebecca McLeod has been to all sorts of interesting places, including Antarctica, Australian beaches, to an aquatic sciences conference in France, public appearances throughout the country and on University of Otago road shows.
  • High altitude research delivers MacDiarmid win for young physiologist
    When Physiology student Mickey (Jui-Lin) Fan was in the final year of his undergraduate degree, he heard Dr Phil Ainslie (who would later become his supervisor) talk about research he had conducted near Base Camp Everest looking at the effect of high altitude on brain blood flow.
  • Entrepreneurship takes to the golf course
    Dunedin City Councillor Fliss Butcher is putting her Master of Entrepreneurship to practical use through the development of a golf tourism venture with a difference.

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An e-newsletter for people interested or involved in postgraduate study at the University of Otago


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