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Students waiting for classThursday 28 April 2016 12:37pmThe Otago Post issue 9

Jack Rivers - 3MT winner
The University of Otago's Three Minute Thesis competition winner Jack Rivers

How neurons evolved, why people have long harboured the desire to travel to Antarctica and whether gastric bypass can help cure diabetes were among the nine thesis projects presented at the University's Three Minute Thesis competition final in August.

The annual event provides doctoral students with a forum for practising their presentation skills and an opportunity to distil the essence of their research into a succinct three-minute 'sound bite.' The only visual aid permitted is a single, static Powerpoint slide.

Candidates are required to present for no longer than three minutes on their thesis topic. Pitched at intelligent layperson level, their presentations should describe their research, communicate its significance and impart their enthusiasm for it.

“The competition is an excellent chance for PhD candidates to practice presentation skills and showcase some of the valuable research being carried out by doctoral candidates,” says Doctoral and Scholarships Office Manager, Chris Stoddart.

This judges considered how engaging the speakers were and how comprehensible they made their research for a wider audience. The winner was Jack Rivers from the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, whose thesis topic is 'Cannabinoid Receptor 2 and its role in Neuroinflammation'.

Read about Jack's research and how he fared at the Australasian finals.

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