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Friday 1 November 2013 10:52am

New Zealand and Abroad

A.J. Geare & F.J. Edgar

employment_relationsThe book

This comprehensive book describes current practice in industrial relations, using case studies from Australia, the US, the UK and New Zealand. It provides some historical background and introduces key concepts in the field.

Discussion includes what is an employee/employer, what are unions and their roles, industrial relations objectives, and the dynamics of interactions such as bargaining. The book also addresses issues such as wages, work flexibility, participation and equal employment opportunities.

The authors

A.J GEARE is a Professor in the Management Department at the University of Otago. He has worked as a consultant to many organisations and unions and has been an adjudicator and mediator member of New Zealand's Employment Tribunal.

F.J. EDGAR teaches and researches in human resource management, industrial relations and management theory at the University of Otago.

Publication details

Paperback, 400 pages approx, ISBN 978 1 877372 43 8, $60.00
Out of print

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