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Far from 'Home': The English in New Zealand

For almost 200 years, the English have been one of the largest migrant streams to New Zealand (they have been on the move globally since around 1600). Yet relatively little has been written about their experiences in New Zealand, compared with their Irish, Scottish, Indian, Chinese and Pacific counterparts. This book brings together leading international scholars and prominent local researchers to explore a wide range of topics and issues at the very heart of research into human mobility. Why did English-born people decide to emigrate? What factors shaped their migration and adaptation? How might we best describe and explain their experiences? This collection of essays will interest anyone interested in migration and/or family history.

Migration, Ethnicity, and Madness: New Zealand, 1860–1910

Migration, Ethnicity, and Madness: New Zealand, 1860–1910, by Angela McCarthy, Otago University Press

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