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Friday 1 November 2013 1:05pm

Traditional meals in a new homeland

Afife Skafi Harris and Beryl Lee

Harris Lee Global Feast cover imageThe book

More than a recipe book, this colourful collection arose from a unique community project and invites us to explore the dishes and food lore of 26 people from Asia, Africa, the Pacific, South America, Europe and The Middle East. Each migrant's story is followed by a selection of their favourite recipes, carefully chosen to make a meal and to reflect the distinctive flavours, textures and traditions of their inherited foodways. All recipes have been adapted for use with locally available ingredients.

In presenting their recipes, each 'new New Zealander' reflects on their ethnic heritage and identity in relation to the food traditions of their country of birth, including preparation methods, rituals and celebrations. Beautifully presented, the book inspires new ways of thinking about food and encourages an appreciation of the richness of our diverse communities.

Each chapter:

  • presents the story of one migrant – how they learned to prepare and cook the foods in the traditional context of their country of birth
  • describes a range of dishes reflecting the flavours and food style of that culture
  • contains a collection of recipes which together form a complete meal, and singly are attractive and tasty additions to any cook's repertoire.

Stories and recipes of immigrants from Lebanon, Malaysia, Samoa, Indonesia, Greece, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy, Somalia, Afghanistan, Brazil, The Netherlands, China, Jordan, Guatemala, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Germany, Sri Lanka, Turkey, India, Russia, Japan, Iran, Vietnam and Czechoslovakia.

Beryl & Afife webThe authors

AFIFE SKAFI HARRIS is Lebanese and teaches Lebanese cooking in her home and at a community night class. She often uses these occasions, along with her considerable catering skills, to fundraise for local schools and other organisations. She is a well-known stallholder at the Dunedin Farmers' Market.

BERYL LEE was born in Dunedin where she spent most of her working life as a teacher. For many years she has provided support for overseas students and hosted world travellers through an international travel organisation. She is currently president of the local multi-ethnic council.

Publication details

Paperback, 240 x 210 mm, 176 pp, colour throughout, ISBN 978 1 877578 29 8, $39.99 / £24.50 UK


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