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Friday 1 November 2013 10:18am

The Post-war New Zealand Economy

Brian Easton

in_stormy_seasThe book

A detailed look at the New Zealand economy in the twentieth century, and in particular its course since World War II. This is not just a history but a 'narrative about a problem', defining, analysing and 'hopefully contributing to an understanding that will aid in its solutions'.

In Stormy Seas asks pertinent questions about some of our favourite natonal myths. The initial chapters examine the ongoing debate about the New Zealand economy, looking at such factors as external impact and internal response, the business impact and internal response, the business cycle and growth, and problems of financing investment. Structural transformation, the farm sector, industry and energy, efficiency and flexibility, and 'the market' are all explored before the book closes with a discussion of the aftermath of Rogernomics and the decade of greed.

The author

BRIAN EASTON is a research economist and statistician, a columnist for the Listener, and the author of many books and monographs.

Publication details

Paperback, 343 pages, ISBN 1 877133 08 6, $39.95
Out of print

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