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My Body My Business: New Zealand sex workers in an era of change

In My Body, My Business, 11 former and current New Zealand sex workers speak frankly, in their own voices, about their lives in and out of the sex industry. Their stories are by turns eye-opening, poignant, heartening, disturbing and compelling.

The Heart Sutra

A vibrant, engrossing collection, where satisfying storytelling meets a very modern sensibility. Caren Wilton is funny and engaging. Her characters find themselves in unfamiliar landscapes: sometimes physical - a Bangkok flat, a youth hostel in Edinburgh, a Wellington massage parlour - and sometimes personal. Wherever they are, she takes a vivid, compassionate look at human strengths and vulnerabilities, and people's skewed attempts at finding happiness. Unsatisfactory sex, coin-flipping doctors and an elephant with a wooden leg - Caren Wilton writes page-turning stories whose characters always ring true.

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