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Dunedin: History, Heritage and Ecotourism

Built on mid-Victorian gold and located in a wonderful natural environment, Dunedin is a gracious old lady with a spirit of adventure. Dunedin: History, Heritage and Ecotourism by historian Gavin McLean offers a guide to the city and its immediate environment. McLean gives a potted history and describes walks and trips that can be taken by visitors and residents alike.

How to Do Local History: A guide for historians and clients

Local historians, church and institutional historians, genealogists, thesis-writers, and the people who commission them will welcome How To Do Local History. It is a brief and lively introduction to historical research, writing and publishing by a leading historian. This book explains how to use books and archives, and is full of practical tips on 'reading' the landscape, on oral history and on using illustrations effectively. The last chapter takes historians and their clients through the intricacies of internet and conventional publishing, using case studies of real books to explain terminology, scheduling, design, costing and selling.

Kiwitown's Port: The Story of Oamaru Harbour

Located on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, Oamaru harbour struggled to become a safe haven. Yet it became an example of the ‘progress industry’ that reshaped the country’s destiny in the pivotal 1860s and 1870s, an archetypal rural servicing town, manufacturing centre and port. Today viticulture, dairy farms and farm stays characterise its region but the tides still roll in and out of the harbour, which in turn has become a heritage centre, recreation space and tourist venue.

Oamaru: History and Heritage

Oamaru is a town built on nineteenth-century gold and grain booms, and the birthplace of the frozen meat. Nestling around its old port fringes is New Zealand's most intact Victorian architectural landscape. Using a 'Victorian Town at Work' theme to promote these unique features, Oamaru is now a major heritage centre.

Quarantine! Protecting New Zealand at the Border

Every day, all over the world, quarantine officials screen international passengers and cargo and every week a border protection story is in the news. As a group of islands for which biosecurity is vital, New Zealand provides an ideal focus for this book, the world's first national history of quarantine.

The Governors: New Zealand's Governors and Governors-General

Grey, Jervois, Fergusson, Bledisloe – their names adorn buildings, streets, entire towns, even hills and rivers. But little has been written about the occupants of Government House. The Governors tracks the evolution of an office that says much about New Zealand's constitutional journey. In Crown colony days, governors ruled personally; with responsible government came uneasy adjustment and, from the late 1880s, a new breed of aristocratic governors who presided ceremonially. Since 1972, all governors-general have been New Zealand residents, two have been female and more recently the office has acquired a new international dimension.

Wellington: History, Heritage and Culture

Wellington is a great place for a holiday, whether for a weekend or two weeks. The city has energy, as the home of many of New Zealand's cultural institutions, and a wonderful location on high hills around a dramatic harbour.

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