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Friday 1 November 2013 11:11am

Third edition

John Parr

intro_to_opthamologyThe book

'A medical student or non-ophthalmologist seeking a brief but coherent discussion of ophthalmology can do no better than Parr's Introduction to Ophthalmology. American-written texts are pre-eminent in their accounts of current therapies and technologies. In an introductory textbook, organization and clarity of expression – characteristics of some English authors – may be more important. A New Zealander, Parr combines American currency and English clarity.' The New England Journal of Medicine

'This new textbook of ophthalmology is particularly welcome, since it reflects the current approach to ophthalmic training for undergraduates ... with its greater emphasis on topic teaching, ophthalmic signs in systemic disorders, and the omission of all those issues about which only the specialist needs to know ... the text is clear and readable, and the copious diagrams are a superb embellishment.' British Medical Journal

'The strength of this excellent book lies in the clarity of exposition.' British Journal of Ophthalmology

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Paperback, 234 pages, ISBN 0 908569 48 3, $65.00
Out of print

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