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Peace, Power & Politics: How New Zealand became nuclear free

This is a story of how ordinary people created a movement that changed New Zealand's foreign policy and our identity as a nation. The story of peace activism from our pre-recorded history to 1975 was told in Peace People: A history of peace activities in New Zealand (1992) by Elsie Locke. In this new book her daughter Maire Leadbeater takes the story up to the 1990s in an account of the dramatic stories of the colourful and courageous activist campaigns that led the New Zealand government to enact nuclear-free legislation in 1987. Politicians took the credit, but they were responding to a powerful groundswell of public opinion.

See No Evil: New Zealand's betrayal of the people of West Papua

Powerful, shocking account of New Zealand’s ‘selective diplomacy’ over West Papua by a leading author on peace and Pacific issues, Maire Leadbeater

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