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Lands for the People?

An enlightening political biography of the Minister of Lands and Agriculture in the 1890s. John McKenzie was the legislator who 'burst up' the great pastoral estates and assisted the establishment of the small family farm in New Zealand.

Making a New Land: Environmental histories of New Zealand

Making a New Land presents an interdisciplinary perspective on one of the most rapid and extensive transformations in human history: that which followed Maori and then European colonisation of New Zealand's temperate islands. This is a new edition of Environmental Histories of New Zealand, first published in 2002, brimming with new content and fresh insights into the causes and nature of this transformation, and the new landscapes and places that it produced.

The Heather and the Fern

This book brings together essays on many aspects of Scottish settlement in New Zealand, including individual stories. It covers both nineteenth and twentieth-century migration, and includes chapters on the Scottish diaspora, bagpipes and Burns.

Unpacking the Kists: The Scots in New Zealand

Historians have suggested that Scottish influences are more pervasive in New Zealand than in any other country outside Scotland, yet curiously New Zealand’s Scots migrants have previously attracted only limited attention. A thorough and interdisciplinary work, Unpacking the Kists is the first in-depth study of New Zealand’s Scots migrants and their impact on an evolving settler society.

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