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Friday 1 November 2013 1:56pm

Mary-Jane Duffy, Mary Cresswell, Mary Macpherson, Kerry Hines

millionaire_shortbreadThe book

Millionaire's Shortbread is both book and cake. Meeting at a cafe table in downtown Wellington, sustained by their favourite treat and gathering in an illustrator along the way, the poets put together this selection of their work over three years. It seemed inevitable that the book should be named after the cake, and the distinctive voices of the poets become its flavoursome ingredients.

'These poems, like the best shortbread, will quell a variety of appetites with their generous servings, alluring surfaces, with their canvases and curtains, ghosts, lyrical updrafts, and a fine collective head of steam.' – From the afterword by Gregory O'Brien.

The poets

Mary-Jane Duffy,Mary Cresswell, Mary Macpherson and Kerry Hines

Publication details

Paperback, 96 pages, illustrated, ISBN 1 877276 43 X, $29.95
Out of print

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