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Friday 1 November 2013 12:45pm

A novel

Bronwyn Tate

russian_dollsThe book

This is a novel about a woman of today uncovering the tale of her maiden great aunt and a soldier in World War I. In her search, Isla finds other family stories against which her own experience, since she left home stormily at the age of seventeen, reverberates.

The landscape is as important in this novel as the people, taking the reader from a quiet rural valley to the trenches of war-torn Europe, and closing on a Nelson beach where 'the sea crept in and out across the sand flats' and the line between sea and sky is invisible. Original and sophisticated.

The author

BRONWYN TATE has published three other novels: Leaving for Townsville (1997), Halfway to Africa (2002) and Lily's Cupola (2003). She lives with her husband and children in Palmerston North, and teaches creative writing at Massey University.

Publication details

Paperback, 244 pages, ISBN 1 877133 77 9, $24.95
Out of print

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