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Ali Mohammadi
Ali Mohammadi

One of the things Ali Mohammadi enjoys most about his PhD study are weekly meetings with his whole research group.

“I love the weekly meetings because I am totally involved in the group and get to contribute my suggestions. I feel like I am a real researcher and an important part of the group, not just a technician in the corner of the lab. The meetings, and the general communication and support of our group, means I am learning from lots of people and gaining communication skills for later in my career which is really important.''

Ali is undertaking his PhD with The Infection Group. He is supervised by Professor Steve Chambers, David Murdoch and Dr Amy Scott-Thomas. Professors Murdoch and Chambers are regarded as global experts in infectious disease, including having particular expertise in Legionnaires' disease.

His project is developing a simple test for Legionnaires' disease which could save the elderly and children unnecessary stress and pain.

Legionnaires' disease is a type of pneumonia, often diagnosed in the elderly, very young and people with weak immune systems. The most common test involves collection of sputum samples which can be difficult.
Ali is working on a breath test to diagnose the disease.

He says that every living organism, including bacteria, produces metabolites. These chemicals or gases are the end product of the organism's metabolism and some can be unique to a particular organism.

Ali is taking breath samples from pneumonia patients, as well as growing the legionella bacteria in the laboratory with other cells to find out if there are particular metabolites given off by Legionnaires' disease. Identifying metabolites specific to Legionnaires' disease will allow the development of a test which could ultimately speed up diagnosis and mean far less pain and aggravation for patients.

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