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Anna van Pomeren
Anna van Pomeren
Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences with Honours
University of Otago, Christchurch

Anna van Pomeren always wanted to be a scientist, working towards medical breakthroughs.

“Mum is a microbiologist, so I was exposed to science from an early age and I was always fascinated with how the human body works.''

After finishing her secondary studies at Lincoln High School, Anna made the big move to Wellington and completed her Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Victoria University. But while she wanted to continue studying towards a PhD, Anna also wanted to return home to Canterbury and her family.

“I found out the University of Otago in Christchurch had a Summer Studentship programme where I could work in the field of science over the holidays. I got accepted into that programme and then found out about the Honours year in Christchurch.''

During her Summer Studentship Anna investigated why kidney transplant patients have higher than average rates of skin cancer. She is continuing this research during her Honours year. Anna says the University of Otago, Christchurch, Honours course appealed because of its small class sizes (six students in 2010) and easy access to supervisors who are themselves publishing world-leading research. The University of Otago's international reputation was also a key factor.

“The biggest thing for me about Christchurch compared to Victoria or Auckland Universities was the reputation Otago University has for research. It's the best. The other thing with the Christchurch course is that supervisors are not teaching as well and so they are there for you all the time, not in the classroom or away on conferences. For me it's about work/life balance. Doing the Honours degree in Christchurch I get the best of both worlds because my family are here and I'm in an excellent course which will look really good on my CV.”

For information relating to admission and enrolment in the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences with Honours (BBiomedSc(Hons)) course, contact:

Ruth Helms
Manager, Research Degrees
Tel +64 3 364 0527

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