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Ariana Cann imageI initially completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Anatomy. I enjoyed learning about the gross and microscopic anatomy of the human body through the hands-on lab work – it was a great way to learn.

I realised I wanted to work within the health sector, helping people, so I decided to follow up my BSc with a degree in Radiation Therapy, which is the perfect combination of technology, science, anatomy and patient care – all the things I'm passionate about.

The second and third years of the programme are a combination of theory and clinical placement in a hospital. This allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge and develop the various skills required to be a qualified radiation therapist. The course also prepared me to help people of different backgrounds and cultures by immersing me in clinical settings.

Through my interactions with patients, I learnt the skills required to ensure equitable care for everyone.

After finishing my degree, I was offered a job at the Centre where I had completed my third-year clinical placement, and I've been working as a radiation therapist since January. At the end of the third year, you are essentially working as a radiation therapist, so I was well prepared to begin working.

As my first degree was Dunedin-based and the second was in Wellington, I was lucky enough to experience the student culture of Dunedin as well as the busy city that Wellington is.

Throughout my entire university experience, a highlight has been the people I've met. It was easy to find and connect with people with similar interests and I've made lifelong friendships.

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