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DeborahRowleyBeing born in Dunedin, I was keen to study in my hometown;  Otago has a great reputation and is a highly regarded University.

I'm passionate about the Environment and knew I wanted to work in this field. I attended one of the University Open Days and that's where I found out about Environmental Management : it's designed to give you flexibility to study topics you enjoy while learning valuable skills to apply within a work environment.  The range of courses offered is interesting and helps to give an understanding of how the environment, business, economics and society interact.

I had a predominant focus on physical geography, in particular freshwater systems and geology.  I completed a minor in Applied Geology and was able to cross credit some of these papers.  I also completed an Honours degree, my topic being focused on soil moisture.

All of this was very applicable to what I do now. I'm currently employed by BP Australia Pty Ltd as an Environmental Project Manager where my role requires me to manage BP's environmental liabilities and liability prevention.  I oversee mainly BP's retail sites in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.  My role requires me to engage Environmental consultants to undertake various environmental assessments or remediation projects – a lot of the skills to both undertake the assessment/remediation and project management are learnt in the fundamentals of Environmental Management.

If you're considering Environmental Management, I recommend you try out a broad range of papers in your first year or two to see what aspects of the environment you enjoy.  The environmental field is broad with a variety of jobs once you finish your degree, perhaps have a think after your first couple of years of study about what type of job you would like,  and then focus in on these papers.

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