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Desiree Mulders
Desiree Mulders
Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences endorsed in Musculoskeletal Management (2013)

As a MRI radiographer working at a specialist musculoskeletal imaging centre, I wanted to increase my clinical knowledge and understanding of musculoskeletal injuries, diseases and diagnoses to improve my scanning skills and provide a better service to my patients. I had already been bitten by the 'study bug' so I searched for a distance learning course that would provide me with the knowledge I was seeking. University of Otago's Postgraduate Diploma in Musculoskeletal Management did just that. I gained a comprehensive understanding of the finer details of musculoskeletal anatomy, management, psychosocial assessment and treatment which has certainly benefitted my patients as I now approach my scanning from a new perspective. I am able to do a quick evaluation of their symptoms, am more sensitive to subtle signs, so when I perform their imaging I am focussing on their pain and potential causes.

The added bonus of the bi-monthly audio/video conferences with recognised experts in their field made the course work so much more satisfying. That aspect alone makes these courses worthwhile, and if I missed one, they were still available online. University of Otago has certainly provided an excellent course fully supported to suit the needs of its students who are often working fulltime. I found the content and pace quite manageable and the satisfaction of graduating with my PGDipHealSc (MSMT) after writing those exams a worthy achievement.

I have continued on with my studies, now working on a Master of Health Sciences endorsed in Pain and Pain Management and once again, it has surpassed my expectations. Now what lies ahead? A Doctorate in Health Science at Otago? With no hesitation. Certainly a very infectious 'study bug', but well managed by Otago.

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