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Jonathan-GuyJonathan Zsofi
BA(Hons) 1st Class, Film and Media Studies
Production Coordinator/Editor, VideoLife
Producer/Director, Zsofi Pictures International

Jonathan Zsofi is passionate about "telling stories that impact people". Jonathan says, "I've always been a very visual person so I naturally picked a lot of Media, Film, and Communication (MFCO) papers and through that found what I really loved."

Jonathan gained useful skills and knowledge; "It's a very comprehensive course, I learned how to analyse, critique and unpack films. You get the tools to speak the cinematic language, you know how it's affected groups through history. For example, when I write a film script I can target it to a specific group as I know the history, and am able to build on what's been done in the past."

"The department is brilliant and the teaching was excellent. My mind was opened by MFCO, it introduced me to new perspectives on film and life."

"I loved the tutors and the lecturers, they were always challenging and energetic. It was because of their support that I was able to do my Honours 1st Class, I couldn't have done it without them."

"Studying at Otago was hard and challenging, but I loved it. It helped me feel ready to take on the world," he says.

"I learned excellent presentation skills, how to craft my thoughts into strategic writing, how to problem solve and how to analyse what I see."

But most importantly, "I learned that seeing is not believing. It gave me the eyes to see through the façade and into the soul of media in general. It led me to a career path that I needed and gave me the tools to do what I love."

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