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Kate Beer. Kate Beer

Kate Beer was inspired by David Attenborough's nature documentaries as a kid. Now, drawing upon her creative - and passionate! - sides, Kate may be inspiring your kids next!

In her final year of a Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Kate says she's enjoyed everything about studying at Otago so far. This goes from the many varied fieldtrips and lab classes, and the approachable and always helpful staff, to the chance to be involved in the community, to the feeling of independence Kate says she feels, compared to her school friends who stayed closer to home.

This freedom extends to being able to mix and match her subjects. Her degree has involved studying English, communication and conservation ecology.

Volunteering for the Department of Conservation and the Otago Museum ensures a creative outlet for her passion in environmental issues. "I've always been into writing - telling a story."

And she says Otago offers plenty of scope to be excited by nature. Referring to Otago Peninsula, Central Otago and greater Dunedin, Kate says, "The wilderness opportunities here are second to none. In three hours you can go from the coast to a true alpine environment".

Kate is really looking forward to studying for a Master's degree in Science Communication or Wildlife Management. "The Zoology Department offers so many postgraduate courses now. I've had my heart set on natural history filmmaking, but I'm really interested in wildlife management, too."

Whether she chooses natural history filmmaking or wildlife management (or a combination of the two), "Ultimately," Kate says, "I want to get other people as excited about science as I am".

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