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MarewaKraak“I completed my Applied Science degree in Sport and Exercise Nutrition in 2010. I came down from Christchurch to study because Otago was the only place that offered this particular specialisation. I have a rowing and cycling background, so this is my particular passion … The researchers and teachers in the programme are really impressive as well – they were names that I knew from my sporting fields, so I knew I'd get really good teaching.

Since I completed my degree I've established a business with my brother – he has a real flare for business and has always had an entrepreneurial view. I have the science background, so together we saw a real gap in the market for top quality natural-based nutrition products and started our business.

Our products are made from New Zealand ingredients wherever possible, and production is based in Christchurch. You can have a look at our website if you like! It's We've gone back to basics, making sports nutrition that's a more natural product… the real flavours and palatable taste are what make the products so usable, the science behind it all is really solid. We spent the first year just developing the range of products, making sure they would deliver results.

So we launched the business at the end of 2013, and it's growing really fast. We're just making the move into supermarkets, we've launched into Australia, and we're exploring the wider global market. We're fortunate that we've been able to sponsor some great events, get some good profile among key sportspeople.

So my Sport and Exercise Nutrition degree is the backbone of my work now… that's what's good about the Applied Science programme – it prepares you for real world work, it's really relevant. “

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