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Moragh Loose profile photoMoragh Loose
MA Anthropology

BA, MA Anthropology

I graduated with an MA in Anthropology. My thesis explored the understandings and experience of young carers in New Zealand.

Anthropology introduced me to a whole way of thinking and understanding people that I hadn't experienced before. The qualitative research skills I learned as part of my study have been invaluable to me in my job as a Policy Development Manager for the UK General Dental Council in London. I analyse a wide variety of information and consult with lots of different interest groups. I need to be able to comprehend the crucial points quickly. Studying Anthropology at Otago gave me the skills essential for my work.

My work includes the development of quality assurance systems to ensure that dental professionals maintain the high standards needed for registration. I often have to communicate abstract ideas to dental professionals and it is crucial that I write well and present clearly. Anthropology helped me to refine these and other communication skills.

Highlights from my study include presenting at an international health conference in Iceland on my MA research. This experience set me up well for my current position, and was also a great way to meet others who share a broad interest in Anthropology and health.

Through my study in the Anthropology department I was also able to take part in a research project that examined young people's experiences and opinions of dentists and oral health. This gave me valuable work experience which I definitely utilise in my current position.

I would recommend Anthropology for anyone who is interested in developing a broad range of skills including learning to understand peoples' perspectives and experiences in a different way.

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