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Nita SullivanNita Sullivan
Bachelor of Arts, English and Politics Master of International Studies

Nita Sullivan spent the first part of her degree studying a number of different subjects, but chose to major in English because she had always enjoyed books and literature throughout school . Her second major, Politics, on the other hand was completely new.

“I have always been curious as to how society is organised and governed, and why people act the way they do. I quickly developed an interest in the discipline and so it seemed logical to continue with it throughout my degree.

“I really valued the fact that I was encouraged to engage in new and distinct ways with academic material  when completing my assignments and exams. The room for debate, going beyond 'yes or no' answers really helped to develop my  argumentation and writing skills, and allowed me to own my studies, constructing  a truly unique learning experience for myself."

For Nita, learning how to learn is one of the most valuable skills you can take away from university study.

“I certainly gained knowledge throughout my studies,  but truthfully so much of that I have already forgotten. Instead, the ability to research, analyse, and critically assess a topic area or issue is something I learned at university which I continue to use everyday in my work."

Nita now works as a graduate advisor in the Mayor's Office at the Christchurch City Council, a job that involves  providing research, analysis and advice to support the Mayor in her leadership role within Christchurch City.

“The skillset I learnt at university is definitely something I use today. The adaptability and creative thinking I had to develop  in completing  written assignments, exams and presentations at uni is  something that helps me a lot in the workplace.

“My job is really  varied and fast-paced which I enjoy. I still have lots to learn, but my time at Otago really set me up to be able to do that. I'm looking forward to it!”

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