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“I enjoy the creativity and problem solving that comes with studying Food Science. It allows you to apply a range of different skills, and provides you with the opportunity to tie in other aspects of a degree.”

Olivia has now completed her degree studying Food Innovation and Marketing Management.

In her final year of high school she heard about Food Science at Otago and the Heinz Wattie's Scholarship.

As well as supporting her studies, the scholarship gave her the opportunity to work at the Watties Hastings factory as part of their product development team over the Summer of 2012 and 2013.

“The opportunity to work for a world renowned food company has been an extremely valuable learning experience.

Marianna & Olivia 2012 HW Summer Placement 22I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Watties, simply because I could put into practise my newly acquired skills and knowledge. A personal highlight for me was the opportunity to reformulate an existing product for the company. Through this, I observed the entirety of the new product development process which has provided me with invaluable skills. It proved to be an amazing learning experience, and the best part is that my work is now sitting on the supermarket shelves! “

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